Esta é a lista de vídeos sobre William Lane Craig. Veja também o canal principal no YouTube. Veja também o blog com uma lista de vídeos do canal drcraigvideos bem como os vídeos do MySpace.

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Diretos (somente ele)
What Must I Do To Be Saved? Shabir Ally [1]23456789101112 inglês
Did Jesus of Nazareth Physically Rise From the Dead? Shabir Ally 123456inglês
Is God Necessary for Morality? Shelly Kagan Columbia 2009 12345678910 inglês
Does God Exist? Theodore Drange 1234567891011 inglês
God and Morality Torbjörn Tännsjö 123456789 inglês
Is There a God? Victor Stenger 1 inglês
Faith under Fire
Richard Carrier 1 inglês
Tovia Singer 1 inglês
Science and Religion 1 inglês
Science and Religion in the 21st Century 1 inglês
 ? AP, DT, JK Debate - Milagres violam as leis da natureza? inglês
Does the Universe Have a Purpose? DG, DW vs RD, MS, MR 1

Palestras Edit

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Christian Apologetics: Who Needs It? Palestra V inglês
Evidence For the Existence of God Palestra V inglês
Has Stephen Hawking Eliminated God? Palestra 1 inglês
How Did the Universe Begin? Palestra V inglês
In Intellectual Neutral Palestra V inglês
Vision In Life Palestra V inglês
Dawkins Delusion Palestra 1 2
Is God more complex than the universe? / Is religious education a form of child abuse? / Does religion promote fundamentalism?
A Neutralidade Intelectual Cristã Palestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inglês
Beyond The Big Bang - WLC on Templeton Foundation Lecture Palestra 1
Q&A 1 Q&A 2 Q&A 3 Q&A 4
Beyond Passion Palestra 1 inglês
Why Does Anything At All Exist Palestra 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 inglês
Why Is There Evil and Suffering? Palestra 1 inglês
What About Suffering and the Existence of God? Palestra V inglês
What Difference Does It Make If God Exists? Palestra 1 inglês
7 Reasons God Exists and 3 Reasons It Makes a Difference Palestra 1
1 2 3 4 5 6
Advice To Christian Apologists Palestra 1 2 3 4 inglês
Origins of the Universe - Has Stephen Hawking Eliminated God? Palestra V inglês
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Palestra Palestra Q&A inglês
Is One True Religion Possible? Palestra 1 inglês
How Did the Universe Begin? Palestra 1 2 3 4 inglês
On Failure Palestra 1 2 3 4 inglês
Objective Morality Palestra 1 2 3 4 5 inglês
New Atheist Arguments Against God's Existence Refuted Palestra 1 inglês
The absurdity of life without God Palestra V inglês
The Problem of evil and suffering Palestra 1 inglês
on Bart Ehrman Palestra 1 2 3 4 5 6 inglês
The Evidential Problem of Suffering Palestra The Intellectual and Emotional Probelms of Suffering / The Burden of Proof on Atheists concerning Evil, Suffering, and God / The Logical and Evidential Problems of Suffering / The Logical Problem of Suffering ("How can God allow suffering?") / Evidential 1 / Evidential 2 / Evidential 3a / Evidential 3b / The Emotional Problem of Suffering inglês
The Problem of Evil - How Can A Good God Allow Suffering? Palestra V inglês
Can We Be Good Without God? Palestra V
1 2 3 Play List
Who Was Jesus, Really? Palestra 1 2 3 inglês
Evidence for the Resurrection Palestra 1 2 3 inglês
Kalam Cosmological Argument: A Philosophical Justification Palestra 1 2 3 4 inglês
Moral Argument for God Palestra 1 inglês
Do All Roads Lead To God? Palestra 1 inglês
How Did the Universe Begin? Palestra 1 inglês
"God and Time" by William Lane Craig (February 7, 1995) Palestra 1 inglês
Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig answers questions about Christianity Palestra 1 inglês
Jesus' Triumphal Entry Palestra 1 inglês
Conferência Vida Nova para igreja Palestra [ 1] inglês

Entrevistas Edit

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Christian Thinkers Society Interviews William Lane Craig Entrevista 1 inglês
Creation Update - An Interview with William Lane Craig Entrevista 1 inglês
Frank Turek Interviews William Lane Craig at Southern Evangelical Seminary (October 29, 2011) Entrevista 1 inglês
Reasons to Believe We Have a Reasonable Faith Entrevista 1 inglês
William Lane Craig on the Michael Coren Show (Does God Exist?) Entrevista 1 inglês
William Lane Craig Interview at Imperial College London Entrevista 1 inglês
Exposing Atheism Entrevista V inglês

The One Minute Apologist Edit

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128. Do We Need to Believe in God to be Good? Entrevista 1 inglês
129. What is The Euthyphro Dilemma? Entrevista 1 inglês

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How Is God The Creator?
Is God Temporal or Timeless?
Can God Change?
How Free Is God?
Saskatoon Christian Interview with William Lane Craig and Michael Horner
Deus o Criador - William Lane Craig e Robert Lawrence Kuhn
The Nature of Time

Outros Edit

Outros Edit

The Wit of Dr. Craig

1 "Faith and Other Arguments" | 2 "Your Gusto" | 3 "It's easy to prove something doesn't exist" | 4 "You're calling it 'God', genius" | 5 "I doubt therefore I am" | 6 "Craig's wife is hotter" | 7 "A random horse from nowhere defiling your carpet" | 8 "Learn to Read the Lines First" | 9 "Evolution Loves God" | 10 "Shook-ing the Stock Market" | 11 "Falling in love with chunks of matter" | 12 "No preference for a 'wahhabi' atheist" | 13 "The Geography and Time of an Abortion of a Baby" | 14 "Fairness in a world of moral relativism" | 15 "The Gettysburg Address of Atheism" | 16 "Jesus is Lord and Elvis is the king!" | 17 "Respect your wife or else..." | 18 "If you can't disprove God's existence, then don't be a naturalist" | 19 "Who Designed the World Ensemble?" | 20 "The Sanhedrin Court forgot about Jesus' body?" | 21 "Bart Ehrman's Blasphemy on Jesus' 'Blasphemy'" | 22 "The Repetitive Atheist" | 23 "Postmodernism vs Poison" | 24 "Cowboys and... the Multiverse?" | 25 "Atheist Morality is like Lady Gaga" | 26 "Egad! What an Explanation!" | 27 "A One-Sided Debate" | 28 "If you can't prove a universal negative then atheism is unprovable" | 29 "Atheism Shmatheism" | 30 "Self-Promotion - Richard Dawkins vs William Lane Craig" | The Wit of Dr. Craig - Part 31 "Eating the Greatest Possible Pizza"

Existence of God - Legendado
Who Was Jesus Of Nazareth?
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Grand Design - A Critique
Should We Believe Only What Can Be Scientifically Proven?

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Esta é uma lista de vídeos que são contrários tanto à pessoa de Craig contra, eventualmente, seus argumentos. Há também uma lista de reprodução com vídeos contra Craig. Há também o canal de drcraigisadouche.

William Lane Craig (Refuting WLC's Proofs Of God)

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Estes são os vídeos incluídos na lista de "vídeos anti-Craig".

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