Esta é a lista de vídeos sobre problema do mal.

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The "Invisible" God
Logic of Religion The Series - The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Evil - JustinTheAtheist
The Problem of Evil cdk007
Is god Pro-Life?

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Vídeos que refutam o problema ou impõe-lhe obstáculos, bem como dão comentários sobre.

Ravi Zacharias
John Piper
Greg Koukl
  1. God where are you?
  2. Should Christians help alleviate pain?
  3. Does evil have an answer in Heaven?
  4. How do we know God an sympathize?
  5. How did God deal with the problem of evil?
  6. Does God care about our pain and suffering?
  7. Are suffering and God's love compatible?
  8. Why is there so much evil in the world?
  9. Why does doesn't God answer injustice?
  10. What would a world without evil look like?
  11. Can God use evil for good?
  12. Why does God allow evil and suffering?
  13. "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?"
  14. What does it mean that God is good?
  15. Did God create evil?
  16. If God is all-powerful, why does evil exist?
  17. Evil and suffering equal no God?
  18. What about pain that we don't understand?
William Lane Craig
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